Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm so excited. (And I just can't hide it.) I've got high speed Internet now! I just got it installed this afternoon -- even though I'd been waiting since 9 am! -- and now I shall be online all the time. Very exciting!

Anyway, I'll post more later, but I just thought I'd share my excitement over no longer paying for dialup. Huzzah. And I'm thinking this will lead to more posting -- yay! More fun blogging from the East Coast.


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I am pleased that you now have a good connection to the Internet -- but do you have a good connection with the man upstairs? We need to drink some wine and talk.

Abdul said...

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the taste. People do not belong in this world. She would
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Jenny Bean said...

Wow, OK...

Anyway, congrats on the web connection, Rebes! My roommate and I are thinking of getting one too (it would be so nice, especially now that work is so much busier). Also kudos on the compliments from the random blogger. :-)