Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's Saturday! The weekend has begun and I've already made it to the Farmer's Market to get some fresh produce. And I got some really delicious plums, zucchini (for curry zucchini soup), tomatoes and carrots (to make a roasted-tomato sauce), cucumbers (for the always delicious cucumber salad made with vinegar...yum!), and basil (for pesto, although I now have to buy a food procesor). I think I may try to go next weekend, and maybe get stuff to make things that get canned. I have a feeling that jam might be fun to try. Is there peach jam? Or else I noticed in one of my recipe books that I could make chow-chow. Such a fun word to say. Chow-chow.

Hmmm...I've got big plans for tonight. Mysterious plans that shall not be revealed on the Internet.

Oh! I finished readng book 74 - The Go-To Girl by Louise Bagshaw. Yes, it was chick lit, but it was darn good chick lit! A British setting about a girl who thinks that she's not so pretty -- why she is living with models, I don't know! -- and how she goes about changing all that. It's got a film setting, which makes it different than most chick lit novels than I've read...well, not all, but it was darn entertaining. Plus the heroine wasn't skinny and popular at first. And she didn't really change that much, just gained some confidence and some better clothing. Let's just say that I identified with her a little. Totally recommended!

I'm also plugging away at a biography of Louis B. Mayer, the head of MGM during the '20s through the early '50s. It's actually really, really good and it deflates the cult of Thalberg, which I might say I was guilty of believing in. You can't really go wrong with good old Hollywood gossip. Quite entertaining.

My plans for this afternoon: laundry and cleaning. It's an exciting life here in Baltimore, I tell you.

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