Monday, July 25, 2005

There have been problems with my phone lately, so I haven't been able to get online. I am also working on convincing my roommate that we should get a cable modem so that I can get online whenever I want to. However, if that does happen, I think I might have to get a laptop so I can be a lazy bum and surf the internet and watch TV at the same time. I am also excited that August is coming (as redundant as this is, what happened to July?) because it means another "Summer of the Stars" on TCM, which means I will try to watch (and write up!) 31 movies on my other blog. Yes, writing for that has fallen of the face of the earth, but I'm going to rectify things come August. Perhaps with a new laptop and cable modem. Rockin'!!

Anyway, I went to a party on Saturday night. It was kind of weird though. Basically, I knew most of the people there. After a while, the majority of the people went out into the backyard, but I and about five other people stayed inside and talked. I don't know what was going on in the backyard and it's not necessarily that I felt excluded. It was just kind of odd.

And Artscape was this weekend -- a big festival in B'more that includes art and music and festival food! Yum. I went yesterday and got sunburned. I even managed to buy an art necklace -- it's got stars and moons on it (Gosh, it sounds like a frickin' Lucky Charms necklace, but it's much classier than that.) and has a fun toggle clasp. I like it!!

I'm also working on getting my plans to go home for Christmas together -- I shall be off from December 23 through the 29 (I believe). So it'll be almost a week of fun in Wisconsin. Huzzah. Plus I'm trying to organize my parent's trip out East -- but they are on vacation this week so I'll have to wait to discuss the options -- Colonial Williamsburg or perhaps a trip up to Pennsylvania.

There's a baseball game this weekend that my library has won -- we sold the most vouchers -- so I get to go and get a free hat and hotdog and other fun stuff. The Orioles are playing the White Soxes, so it should be a good game!

In the realm of reading, I have made it up to 65 (!) thus far, but the list is at home and I'm lazy and unwilling to talk about reading without the list. So, sometime in the future there'll be a list of like 20 books that I've read listed.

Here's some fun news -- Remington Steele Season One is coming out on DVD tomorrow! I love the show -- and the first season is definitely the best -- so I am thinking about getting it. I'm such a sucker for Pierce Brosnan, although Stephanie Zimbalist was also awesome as Laura. Plus they rip off plots of old MGM movies, which is pretty fun.

Yes, well, I should be getting back to work.

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Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

That's nice that you are going home for Christmas...but I must know, what are your plans for Hannukah?