Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ah, it's freakin' early in the morning and I'm awake. Yes, the paranoia about making it to the airport caused me to get online to get the MARC train info for this morning. And I thought, heck, so long as I'm online, why not blog?

So, what has happened in the last twelve hours?

I moved some furniture in our apartment. We are getting new windows today, so all furniture needed to be three feet away from the windows. And three feet is actually quite a bit further away than I thought it was going to be. But we'll have new windows and blinds instead of stupid shades! That's what makes me more happy. I also got our new lease agreement, which if we agree to it by July 15, it only goes up by about $34! Madness, I tell you, because had I stayed at the Forge, I totally would have ended up paying more than $34 extra per month. Life is much better with a roommate.

I also found out that my sister did get a campsite at Lake Wissota in Wisconsin, so everything has fallen into place for me! I'll get to spend the weekend camping with the fam, a night with my sister, and drive to the Twin Cities the next day to spend a few days with a college friend. And I believe on Friday I'll be up in the Green Bay metro area (hee!) seeing another college friend (the infamous Nonprofit Adventures) and perhaps another friend.

So...I should probably get ready to go. We're not leaving real early this morning -- just eight a.m., which isn't terribly insane. I will get to spend some quality time at the airport though -- the MARC train should get me to the BWI rail station by about 9:20 a.m. and then my flight isn't until around noon! Hurrah for airports! At least I have a couple of good books and my CD player. That should keep me entertained.

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