Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm back from vacation. It was so fanatatic to be back in worries and just lots of driving and sitting around. I even got to go swimming twice -- in Lake Wissota and Lake Michigan. Sometimes I wish that I was closer to a lake here in Maryland so I could go whenever. But my apartment has a pool, so I should start using it. I also got tan (!) which was really the fun with swimming.'s a brief recap. Got to Milwaukee on Wednesday afternoon. Went home and had lunch with my Mom. Sat around on Wednesday night and saw Hitch. It was okay. Thursday morning I cataloged some books at church -- it wasn't difficult but was kind of fun to type up catalog cards. Didn't do much Thursday night. Actually, Thursday is when I saw Hitch. It still wasn't great. Friday we left to go to Lake Wissota. We met up with Jenny and Adam there and camped through Monday. Saturday we went to the Lake and did various camp-y things. It was fun, but I got really sunburned sitting in the sun without sunscreen. Sunday wasn't as nice, so we drove to Eau Claire, stopping at the RV place on 53. I bought the really awesome Dansko sandals (on sale!) and a UWEC sweatshirt at Sheels. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than the UWEC bookstore. Then we went to the Main Street Cafe in Bloomer -- the pie is fantastic!!

Monday was the Fourth of July and my parents left after lunch to go back to Plymouth. I went to Eau Claire and spent the night at Jenny's house. We went shopping at the mall, out to dinner at Northwoods (awesome beer, cheeseburger and fries special) and then caught the end of the Eau Claire Express baseball game (they won!) and watched some fun fireworks. The best featured rings of fireworks set to "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Rockin'.

I then drove the next morning to the Twin Cities to spend sometime with the Minnesotan. She and I got to see her sister and get convinced to look into State Farm for car insurance. Then we went to the Mall of America and shopped a little. The next day we went to Valleyfair, which was a bit smaller than I remembered, but still fun. I wish I had brought my swimsuit though -- it was a nice day for lazin' in the lazy river.

After a breakfast/lunch at Perkins, I left the next day for Plymouth. I stopped in Eau Claire for an hour and a half and hung out with my sister. We watched an episode of Sex and the City, which made me think that I should consider getting the series from the library. Maybe. I made it back to Plymouth in time to see my parent's new SUV -- a Ford Explorer which is ginormous. Well, it's big.

I went up to Appleton and saw Jenny H. at the Mall. We shopped a bit and enjoyed hangin' out. The restaraunt at the Mall is surprisingly good! I then got to have dinner with LibraryDeserter (she left us for the Appleton Public Library) and see her puppies. Well, the puppies she was puppy-sitting and her parent's. They are quite cute, but a little yappy. But I suppose Shelties generally are.

Anyway, Saturday I hung out with my Mom and went antiquing in Plymouth -- got some new-t0-me earrings for $2.50! Then we went to Lake Michigan and enjoyed the cool water. I made a mix tape for my roommate of late '60s and '70s rock that evening.

All and all, quite an enjoyable vacation. More later.


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I am glad that you are back! I live nearby, you know. Which library do you work at? I could stop by if you like, and we could talk about Jenny and Judaism.

Rebecca said...

Well...since I don't know who you are or anything, I'm not sure that meeting up with you to talk about Judaism and my friend from college would be such a great idea. However, I bet you could probably piece together some clues as to where I work...there aren't that many libraries in the Baltimore area.

Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I don't know. I live in Anne Arundel County, and there are lots down here.

Rebecca said...

Try Baltimore City...and think big!