Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The computers were down at work for the majority of the day on Friday and Saturday. I never realized how much of our work revolves around the Internet, but seriously, it is totally boring and somewhat impossible to be a librarian without a computer. Especially to do known-item searches -- if someone wants a book that they know the title to, I can't find it without the Internet. Unless, for some bizarro reason, I actually am familiar with the book. But if it's something new or on a topic that is super large (i.e. business), good luck!

I've been kind of mad at myself lately. I keep letting things get to me... I know I have the tendancy to want everyone to like me, but still! How does one get over that? I know it's easy to say, don't be so hard on yourself, but putting that wonderful advice into practice appears to be a little difficult for me. Or at least at this moment in time.

Regardless! I am going on vacation for twelve days starting in about a half an hour. It's not perhaps the most glamorous holiday, but I will enjoy being back in the Midwest and seeing my family and friends. I am also hoping to go either to an amusement park in Minnesota or a minor league baseball game. Either should be fun. I think I will also be camping with my family over the Fourth of July holiday, which is always a good time. And I am hoping to be able to put work away. Last time I went home was right after I had found out about the new job, and I was totally stressed out about things the week before leaving. This time I am less stressed about things work-wise, but I still think it will be good to be gone for an extended period of time. Plus, no questions! What could be more fun.

The weird thing was today that I wasn't feeling so hot about things in the morning before coming to work, but once I got to work and started answering reference questions, I was able to leave things behind me. Perhaps I have just had too much introspective time over the past few days. My roommate just got back from a library conference last night, so I was home alone with the cat for five days. (Gasp!) I had wanted to go to the conference too -- it was in Chicago -- but wasn't able to due to staffing issues. Hopefully I will go to a different conference in Boston this upcoming March...but who knows? I guess that might answer my question -- more distractions and less introspection. I wish I was a blonde some days -- able to just put stupid and annoying things right out of my head instead of dwelling.

Right. I should go. Must have the pretence of finishing up work.

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