Monday, May 02, 2005

So this weekend I totally cleaned my room. Seriously. Like I dusted and vaccuumed and neatened like craaaazy. It was also very overdue. And now I just have to convince myself that I need to keep it that way. You'd think that it would be super easy -- it's like all I have to tell myself to do is put stuff away right away. But no, I can't seem to get the hang of that.

Also, I went shopping with my roommate. I spent a reasonable amount of money and now am totally set for spring/summer. Well, except for the awesome Dansko sandals that I want to buy. I have polo shirts that are work appropriate! No ketchup stains like the one I got in college! Also, they are in solid colors and do not feature stripes. Stripes some how don't seem professional. Especially horizontal ones.

Yes, so my lunch hour is almost over. That is all.

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