Saturday, April 30, 2005

I've got like two minutes before I'm back to work, so here's a quick update.

Confirmation is over!! Well, the part that I have to teach anyway. Thursday will be our last night -- and it's just a potluck/worship service for Ascension Day. I am excited. I also am planning to continue doing it next year. I feel as though, even though I may complain, it is good for me and I am making a difference. And I enjoy hanging out with the kids. That part is really fun. The preparation, not so much.

I had yesterday off and I helped a co-worker move. My calves are killing me from going up and down the stairs. Yikes. It was definitely not a productive day off, but I did manage to go to the grocery store. Yay.

And today I'm at work. My department has a new librarian to replace someone who is movin' on up. He seems pretty nice, although I googled his name and was surprised by the results. This is why I have taken my name off this site and don't use my last name. With a last name as uncommon as mine, you have to be careful!

Back to work...

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