Monday, April 25, 2005

So, today I went back up to North East, MD for a follow up session for "Leading From Any Position." And it went okay -- I got some really fabulous cookies for a snack. I also got some suggestions for how to deal with my work situation, which should hopefully be helpful. I also drank a ton of coffee and several Diet Pepsis -- total caffeine overload!

And I bought the Stereophonics CD this weekend. They have TOTALLY changed their sound and it's not a bad thing. Well, kind of. It's more like what other rock bands are doing, and so it's okay, but it's definitely not what I expected from them. Especially after getting their other most latest CD -- You Gotta Go There to Come Back -- which was much more in the vein of the expected from the Stereophonics. It makes me sad, because their new sound is probably a lot more commercial and they might actually be more successful with, especially in the US, but it's like, seriously, I liked you before!! And the lead singer has such an unusual voice -- and now you can't really hear it because there is so much electric guitars and whatnot. Not a good thing, but perhaps they'll be more successful. And then I can say, I've been a fan since 1999, when Performance and Cocktails came out!! Haha!

Anyway, I'm kind of bored right now and I don't feel like doing anything, especially cleaning my room which is what I should be doing. So here I am.

Yeah, I hate that I check my work email from home. I didn't get to check it today, so I went online tonight to see if I'd gotten anything good. I didn't really and I won't respond to work emails unless it's like totally urgent, but seriously, why do I need to do that? Work crap should just stay at work!!! I'm trying to work on that -- although I guess the fact that I don't respond to work emails from home makes it a little bit better. Just a little bit.

Right. So. This entry is going on for way too long without any point. Goodnight!

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Secret27 said...

I know how you feel about taking care of work issues while your home. I do the sanme and it drives me nuts.