Friday, March 18, 2005

Well, I did manage to finish my taxes the last time I was writing, but apparently, the federal return had some problems. So I'm back, at 10:30 pm on a Friday night, to fix it.

Plus my roommate and I finished watching Freaks and Geeks tonight. It's sad. I really like the show and now there aren't any new ones. But the show still rocks. And there are at least two commentaries on each episode, so I can watch them twTo more times and learn something new. I am such a romantic though. The big hook that kept me watching was Lindsay and Nick's relationship -- or perhaps I should say, lack there of. Sad but true.

I had fun the last few days at work. I got to not do my usual job, but instead I went to a workshop all about performance evaluation. It was actually pretty interesting, and I like the planning aspect of it. I mean, evaluating people is kind of scary. Heck, it IS scary. I think there is only one person that I would have to evaluate in my department.

And I ended up talking to my boss about stuff this afternoon. My old boss did an evaluation of me right before I left, but my new boss and I need to put together a plan for the future for me. And we ended up talking about how one aspect of my job is kind of nebulous. (The whole assistant manager thing is pretty unclear throughout the entire library as to what it is that we're supposed to do.) But my boss said that he liked the fact that I asked what I could do to help me because he's not always good with the delegation of tasks. And that made me happy because I feel like that's something that I can do to help him (duh) and remind him that I'm there to do stuff too.

Otherwise this weekend is fairly quiet. I'm volunteering with some of the young adult's from church to clean-up an outreach center on Saturday morning. And then I'm going to get yarn to make myself a sweater. I finished the afghan I was working on for the wedding present, so right now I don't have a project to work on. And I thought making myself a sweater -- well, actually it's a cardigan -- might be a fun project. Plus it's pretty darn rare that I have actually kept the projects that I work on. I think I made myself a scarf. Otherwise, I haven't finished the projects or I have given them away.

Our trip to NYC is starting to shape up. We're going to go see Twelve Angry Men on Wednesday night and I've made tentative arrangements to meet up with my college friend on Thursday for lunch. Apparently he has lots of fun stories to tell about his life in New York, including why he is working for the police. I think it'll be interesting to see how someone with an MFA ends up working for New York's finest. Although he is working as a freelance editor for Consumer Reports, which is super cool.

And I might go to the NY Public Library again -- although this time we might hit the Performing Arts one for my roommate and the Business, Industry, and Science one for me. Apparently the Museum of Radio and Television isn't open on Thursday mornings, so that kind of messes up our plans...but we'll manage to figure something out. Heck, it's New York City, I'm sure we can entertain ourself for a morning. Even if it means not going to the library. Hee.

Argh. Today is just kind of a weird day. I hope the weekend gets better.

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