Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I’m pretty excited for my upcoming trip to New York. We’re leaving tomorrow morning around nine a.m. and that means we should be in New York by the early afternoon! And it turns out that my roommate’s friend is going to be in town, so I’ll actually get to meet her.

Tonight I have to pack and get money out of the ATM. I’m not real sure what to bring, but I’m sure I’ll manage. I would like to go out to a bar or something at least once, but my roommate seems less enthusiastic about that. I’m not saying that we need to go clubbing or anything crazy like that, but it would be fun to go out. Not that I do that here very often, but still!

I’m planning on looking for a tacky souvenir for myself. I have the I [heart] NY shirt already, so I need to find something else as cheesy. And I told my boss that if I found a New York bridges salt and pepper shaker that I would buy them for him. He’s a bridges fan like I am, although slightly more interested in the New York ones. I was into bridges more so when I was in high school, and have always been fascinated by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. But the rest of the ones in New York, eh?

What else is new? I went to the yarn store on Saturday and bought a bunch of yarn. I’ve got two projects for myself, both from the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation book. One is a really pretty wrap cardigan sweater which uses tiny needles (size 3!) and the other is a felted messenger bag which uses enormous needles (size 15!). I am working on the cardigan right now, but I’m having trouble getting the clover lace pattern to turn out. I am pretty sure that I’ve been following the pattern correctly, but I don’t seem to be getting the holes to line up properly. Oh well, practice makes perfect and I bought a whole skein of extra yarn just for that purpose. The yarn is a nice light green – it’s very springy. I think it’ll be pretty once I manage to get going on it. Plus the whole purpose of learning how to knit was so I could make a sweater. And I’m going to!!

I’ll report back fully on my spring vacation on Saturday.

Oh! And it turns out that UWM is doing really awesome in the NCAA Tournament. Seriously, they're in the Sweet Sixteen. How cool is that? Too bad I don't have any Panther wear. Yes, it was too expensive, so I never got around to buying a sweatshirt or anything.

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