Friday, March 04, 2005

Obviously, this whole blog thing is not going to be daily as it used to be. So, I'm over it and working on writing entries on days that I have off.

What's been happening lately? Oh, not too much. I got to play games with Confirmation last night. I didn't really want to go, as work had been super busy and I was a little stressed out about creating a budget (and therefore also planning out my programming for the next fiscal year), but it was totally awesome! We played Trainwreck, Family Fued, a game which involved teams and carpet squares and a moat (we totally made it up and it worked!), and Sardines. It was a better stress reliever than going out for a drink.

I have to work tomorrow, so I don't get a terribly great weekend. But that's okay. I like having a weekday off -- even if it would be better to just have it once a month and not every other week-ish. But tomorrow I'm going over to anothe librarian's apartment for pizza, pop, and movie trivia. Yay! I love all three -- and I think it's her birthday too.

Work continues, and has been getting better. The fact that I have to figure out what I want to do next year is a little stressful, and has been preoccupying my thoughts a little too much of late, but once next Friday rolls around I will have to be done with it. So that's good. Kind of.

And my roommate's birthday is next Friday! We're going out to the Melting Pot with some of the other girls for a fun dinner that evening, and she's having a big ole party on Saturday night. It'll just be cake and snacks, and it should be a good time. It's our monthly party! Although it suprises me a little that we've been able to do it, obviously they most not be terrible parties otherwise people wouldn't show up. And they just keep coming back. Or else it might just be the free food -- but then again, my friends actually have jobs. They're not poor college students.

Okay, I have to go balance my checkbook. It's been a while.

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