Saturday, February 26, 2005

I forgot to mention that last weekend I went on a yooge (TM Donald Trump) spending spree at Best Buy. It was mostly funded by my parent's birthday present to me -- a gift card! So I got five CDs and two DVDs. I have finally listened to all the CDs and they are all good in their own ways. I got Guster - Keep It Together, Super Furry Animals - Songbook Vol. 1, Gretchen Wilson - Here for the Party, Green Day - American Idiot, and Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway. It's quite a mix, I know, but I guess it just shows that I have ecclectic tastes in music.

And I got Strangers on a Train, which I thought that I had seen before, but apparently I'd only seen the end of the movie. It's really good and Robert Young is awesome as the bad guy. Farley Granger is pretty good too, and it's a really creepy Hitchcock film. And I got How to Steal a Million on DVD. I haven't gotten around to watching it, but it'll be a great improvement on the taped version that I have. Especially since at one of the crucial moments a few seconds of Babylon 5 shows up. What was I thinking taping Babylon 5 for Paul back in high school?

Well, I've been feeling kind of sick-ish this week. You know, to quote Harvey Danger, "I'm not sick but I'm not well." I should have stayed home from work yesterday to catch up on my sleep, but I went in any way. Stupid me. And seriously, it's not like I got a lot of stuff done yesterday... Well, except for making a list of things that need to get done in March. It's a big list.

Okay, I have to go buy a wedding shower gift and wrap it this morning.

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