Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I saw a movie this weekend -- The Fog of War -- and it was really, really awesome. Seriously, if you have even a little bit of interest in current and past politics or the Vietnam War or where we could be going in Iraq, rent it! It's an Errol Morris documentary (he also did The Thin Blue Line, which is another really good documentary) and he basically interviews Robert McNamara. McNamara was the Secretary of Defense under JFK and Johnson and was there during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam. It really doesn't sound like that fascinating of a topic, but it seriously is -- plus it's got a score by Phillip Glass. Highly recommended. And it made me want to read a book on McNamara! Lastly, McNamara is like eighty-five when he does the documentary and he seriously sounds so articulate and put together that I am envious and I'm sixty years younger!!

So, that's the movie recommendation for the day.

What else is new? I've got a program scheduled for May! I will be presenting on resume writing and I've got someone else presenting (for free!!) on job searching. I've got about two months to get my presentation together, so I'm not terribly worried about things. Well, that's what I say now, but I don't think it'll be the end of the world. And I'm working on the budget. It's not so exciting, but I think I should manage to get it together by Friday. Well, think isn't really the right word. It has to be done by then, but I will get it done by then. I know I can.

I made cookies last night. They have white chocolate chip and regular chocolate chips and are really tasty. A friend of mine gave them to me for Christmas last year and I finally got around to making them. Oh! And I finished the crocheting part of my afghan! All I have left is to make the tassles for the ends, which hopefully won't take too long because I have to clean the apartment for my roommate's party this week as well. Dang, I'm a busy person this week.

Off to work!

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