Monday, March 28, 2005

I've only got a few minutes to write before I have to head to work (ah, the joys of starting work at 11 am!), but I thought I'd give a quick update on the excitement in New York. Getting there was actually pretty easy. We got a little lost in Queens, but we managed to ride over the George Washington Bridge (gorgeous!) and finally made it to NY Librarian's friend's house in Queens after a little bit of navigation. It was pretty good map skills on my part, considering that we only had the little bitty square that Mapquest prints for the destination.

So my roommate and I made it into Manhattan pretty quickly. It was raining and miserable outside and we got to walk a lot, dragging our little rolly suitcases. But the evening went better. Twelve Angry Men is a wonderful play. I am so happy that I got to see it. And I even got a couple of autographs, including Boyd Gaines who guest-starred on an episode of Remember WENN. He's cute and has a lovely voice.

The next day we ended up meeting a friend of mine from college for lunch. It was good seeing him -- I've emailed him a few times after graduating, but I hadn't actually seen him since May 2002. Crazy. He still looks pretty much the same. And then we went and saw Little Women that night. Yes, Little Women has been made into a musical. It's okay -- not necessarily the best musical ever, but I enjoyed it. Sutton Foster, who plays Jo, is awesome. And the guy who plays Laurie was pretty good -- and cute. But the music is so-so and not very memorable. Plus they really sped things up in order to fit it into a musical format and so it was kind of weird. I can't imagine what you would think of it if you weren't familiar with Little Women. Of course, seeing the musical made me interested in reading the book again.

So, we ended up back in Baltimore no problem.

And yesterday I had Easter dinner with some people over and it was quite delightful. I cooked my first ham and it was really, really good. And I will be making pea soup soon!

But now I have to go to work! More on NYC later.

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