Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I am trying to do my taxes online and it is being a pain. I did 'em last year with H&R Block, but it is just being stupid and not letting me log in and I can't really remember my darn password so I am switching to TurboTax. They're both free -- and apparently things have changed and filing federally is free through H&R Block AND TurboTax. But they charge for state filing, FYI. But in Maryland you can totally file for free online. Yay.

Enough about taxes. Today is St. Urho's Day. Did you wear your purple and green? I hope so.

I'm also reading a seriously interesting book at work. I don't remember the exact title, but it's all about how computers are changing the work force. And seriously, it is pretty interesting. I never though I would be interested in this kind of stuff, but it's pretty cool. I enjoy economics and whatnot as long as it's abstract. Because I'm definitely not interested in the application of economic principles and stuff in reality, but seeing the big picture and understanding how things work is pretty cool.

And tomorrow and Friday I get to have fun at work learning how to evaluate people. The workshop I'm going to has some fancy-schmancy title with excellence and motivation in it. But apparently it's all about writing performance evaluations. What fun. I can't wait until I get to write one of those puppies up.

Frickin' Turbo Tax. It's taking its sweet time to load up. Ah, it's done. I better focus on taxes. More later, perhaps.

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