Friday, February 04, 2005

What a long week it has been!

In a way, it's been good because I haven't been too busy, but yet I've been busy enough to not be terribly bored. Well, after the first day. Also, people have called in sick so I've actually worked on the reference desk with just one other person. (Gasp!!) And it hasn't been as hard as I expected. I was all worried about the business end of things -- and the science too, to be honest -- but the questions haven't been insanely hard. I think it helped that our computers went down two days in a row. Seriously, it's hard to be a librarian without a computer. Especially since so much information is available in online databases.

I also feel like I've been getting to know my new boss better. I've got a new office setup -- it's more of an open space so we talk a lot. And it's been kind of nice. I mean, my old boss had his own office and everything and was a very, very busy guy.

But my boss has also put a thought into my head that I am seriously considering. What is that thought? Oh, buying a house. I can't do it right now, but after a year or so, I think I should have enough money saved up for a down payment. I always thought that buying a house would be a big deal and that I would want buy one in a place where I would stay for a while, but apparently, that's just not how it's done any more. So, I'm seriously considering it. And my parents don't think I'm nuts for thinking about it either. It's kind of scarily adult of me!! So, yeah. Houses. Stay tuned.

I have a lovely weekend planned. I am going to the ballet with my roommate and one of her library school friends at the Kennedy Center tomorrow evening. It's only the second time I will have gone to the ballet -- I saw the Nutcracker whilst in college in Minneapolis -- and I'm pretty excited about going to D.C. again.

And that's pretty much it for excitement this weekend. I'm hoping to sleep in a little and catch up on all the stuff that I've been avoiding this week.

Oh! I finished another book!

7. Guiding Lights: People Who Lead Us Towards Our Purpose in Life by Eric Liu
He started writing a column on Slate that intrigued me, so I decided to get the book. It was kind of appropriate to read this week, as I am being taught all kinds of new things. (Or perhaps I am learning, because evidently people don't like to be taught but enjoy learning...) I read The Accidental Asian by Liu in grad school and thought this would be another fun one. Liu shares the storeis of various menors and mentees and how the teaching relationship works in each. I found it an interesting book to read -- partially because I was being taught and partially because I feel much like Liu, that I don't have a single guiding light in my life. I wasn't too keen on the organizational structure -- I felt like it was a little arty and perhaps a bit confusing, but overall, it had a lot of good stories. And the columns on Slate are good too!

Only 43 to go!!

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