Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Snap! The new job is just totally cutting in on my online time at work.

Nevertheless, I am going to work on updating the blog more often. Probably not at work any more, but from home. Or perhaps on my lunch hour/breaks.

Let's see...what's new?

Work is going okay. I am kind of bored and anxious and just not as confident in myself as I should be (at times, not all the time!). But I am working on learning the job center and meeting sometime next week with my assistant. (Scary, isn't it, that I have an assistant. I mean, seriously! An assistant! Well, she's not quite my assistant, but she's the assistant for the job center. And as the job center librarian, that does make her my assistant. Okay, if you can't guess, I'm a little anxious about having an assistant. And the fact that she's quite a bit older than me isn't helping.) And yeah, it's coming together. I'm hoping within a month or so, I'll actually be doing stuff "for real" in the new department.

But Lent started today with Ash Wednesday and I'm giving up a few things for the six weeks of Lent. Including: 1) No swearing; 2) No using the Lord's name in vain (we're covering the 10 Commandments in Confirmation and I felt it was appropriate); 3) No complaining about a specific co-worker who is really, really freakin' annoying and 4) Minimize complaining about the new job. Because no one wants to listen to a whiner, especially if they just keep going on and on and on about the same thing. Let's see if I can keep in the mood of sacrifice that is Lent for the whole six weeks.

Okay, more fun things that don't have to do with religion. I went to the ballet on Saturday and it was quite delightful. It was definitely less traditional ballet (tutus and pretty movement) and more fun choreography. I enjoyed it a lot, and seeing the Kennedy Center was pretty cool too.

Also, I am planning a "Taste of the Midwest" dinner party/psuedo-Lutheran potluck soon. I found out that many, many people that I worked with had never eaten tater-tot casserole, so I had to rectify that. So far the menu includes tater-tot casserole, pasties ('cuz they're yummy), and fruit cocktail jello with whipped cream. Any suggestions for other midwest/Wisconsin foods to serve? I'm hoping for at least one or two more salad-y type things or a soup. And hopefully something without potatoes and ground beef. Comments are below; please share!! Or email me.

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Jenny Bean said...

Have you asked about them about green bean cassarole (spelling, sorry)? I found out that lots of people out here in MA have never heard of it. Just a thought!