Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Obviously, computer access in the new job is a little bit more limited than previously. Plus, with my new found position of responsibility, I feel as though I have to set a good example and not blog at work. Well, honestly, it doesn’t help that I now work on desk with someone else. Much easier in my old job to slack off a bit.

<>So! Things are going well. I believe next week I will be considered a “full staff person,” complete with the desk responsibilities that come with that. After a month, I’ve learned enough to get by – heck, I got by on the desk during my first week!

Unfortunately, I think I am getting a cold. I picked up some Zicam (some kind of homeopathic cold remedy) tonight and am planning to take it every three hours to stave off the cold symptoms. I would go to bed early tonight, but I had Confirmation stuff that needed to be finished first -- and then I though, I haven't blogged in like forever. So, here I am blogging at eleven o'clock instead of sleeping or watching the Daily Show.

And I read a book tonight! I'm up to number 8. I finished Every Boy Has One by Meg Cabot. It was a totally fluffy and quite enjoyable chick-lit book. I have read most of her contemporary romances (as well as the historical ones written by Patricia Cabot -- I do enjoy a good Regency romance). They are usually really fast -- this one featured narrative through Blackberry e-versing, journal entries, emails, and PDA entries. A definite quick read -- I think I finished it in two hours.

I'm working on book number nine. I started The Cloud Atlas last week and have reached the middle of it. I am not enjoying the dialect ridden middle section, but am looking forward to resolving all of the other stories. Even the sci-fi one is kind of interesting -- and it took me a while to get into that one!

Okay, I need to sleep. Have a great night, kiddies.

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