Wednesday, January 12, 2005

There has been progress on the new job front. I have an official start date of January 31. So that means that I have an enormous list of stuff that I need to finish in my old department. I am going to be so busy these next three weeks trying to write up various guides and updating our website and everything. Crazy! Plus, I started my orientation to the new department yesterday. Honestly, I just got an enormous stack of bibliographies and whatnot that I need to read through. And then I talked with my Future Boss for like an hour. It was fun and perhaps not as work related as it should have been, but at least we get along well.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up on Monday! And I'm having a birthday party on Sunday evening. I'm having a bunch of people over -- basically my church friends and my library friends -- for cake and games. It should be great fun, and I'm hoping that everyone gets along. I think it'll work out -- for our housewarming party, everyone seemed to have a great time and we just sat around and talked for like three hours. So, games should definitely liven things up.

I am also looking forward to convincing people to play Trivial Pursuit so I can continue my winning streak, but we'll see if that happens. Oh shoot, I was supposed to get my sister to bring the Pop Culture DVD stuff along with her, but I think her flight has already left for Atlanta. Bummer.

Oh! The retreat went pretty well. The kids were fairly well behaved, and there were only a few minor incidents with them. And only two accidents -- a smashed finger in a hotel door (ouch!) and a bruised toe. I actually was impressed with the amount of sleep that I was able to get even though I shared a room with three girls. They were surprisingly well behaved.

Otherwise, nothing new to report. Life continues.

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