Friday, January 07, 2005

I had yet another night of weird sleep. But my cold seems to be better. I'm just really tired and not really looking forward to a weekend of chaperoning middle schoolers. But, eh, I'll get over it and have a good time -- I hope.

Anyway, it's almost quitting time and I am not really able to function any more. Honestly, does anyone do anything ten minutes before it's time to go on a Friday? I don't think so.

In new job news, I found out my salary and was pleased. I won't be leaving any time soon! Next week it appears that I will be spending an hour each day down there learning the ropes from the seasoned librarians. I am actually looking forward to it. The collection is a lot bigger than the department I am currently working in, and I think it might take a little bit longer to memorize. But I do have one of those minds, you know.

I have also been introducing my roommate to the awesomeness that is Remember WENN. We just left off before one of my favorite episodes, "Who's Scott Sherwood?" I hope she doesn't watch it over the weekend -- I totally want to be there to watch her puzzlement over the ending. Sigh. That was a great show. I wish they would release it on DVD. Damn you, AMC!

And speaking of TV on DVD, I just bought Arrested Development on DVD on Wednesday. I didn't really watch it last season, but I have been trying to watch it this season. That is one hilarious show. I love Jason Bateman. His core of sanity in the Bluth family is just so hilarious. And the show even used "Afternoon Delight" (a song that I really enjoy from Anchorman) this past season with hilarious results. Make sure you don't karoke that song with your niece or nephew of the opposite sex. Bad things will happen.

I'm still plugging away at the 101 in 1001. It'll happen eventually.

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