Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Oh, there's so much news to share.

First off, yesterday was my birthday. It was quite delightful. My roommate and my sister and I went shopping and I got some new jeans and some tops. Then we watched Alex & Emma, which was not as good as I remembered it and got pizza and sat around. I was tired, but it was a good day.

The previous day is when I had the big party. A lot of people came over, like sixteen, and celebrated my birthday a little early. It was a good mix of church and work friends, and despite the wide age range (the youngest was my sister at 23 and the oldest was a male librarian who is in his late 50s), everyone got along well. I took lots of digital photos with my parent's camera. The cake was fantastic, and we managed to play two games - Candyland and Trivial Pursuit. My team won at Trivial Pursuit so I was quite happy. Other than that, Librarian Boyfriend managed to start up his jinx documentary by filming people at the party reminscing about jinxing in elementary school. I managed to not be interviewed, but can be seen in the background of many of the shots. Oh well!

And then going back to Friday, Jenny and I went to Lancaster and tootled around Amish country in the afternoon. It was fun, and we managed to get some awesome fabric. Then we headed to Philadelphia and I managed to drive across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and get us into New Jersey before successfully navigating us to the hotel, which was located at the base of the bridge.

Saturday we did a lot of walking around Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We also went to the Philadelphia Free Library, which wasn't as nice as the library I work at. I had thought about applying there, but never managed to get the application out -- and it's probably a good thing too, because they are laying some people off! Yikes.

So it was a good weekend in Philadelphia. Lots of sightseeing and walking around. It wasn't too cold, so I pretty much enjoyed myself. Jenny is leaving tomorrow, so I will no longer have a house guest for a while.

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here. I'm working on learning more about the new department and how to run a job center. And that's about it.

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