Friday, January 21, 2005

It's Friday morning and I don't have to work. Don't celebrate for me too hard, though, because I have the entire weekend at work. And the weather people have been predicting six to twelve inches of snow for Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you, people in Maryland freak out when that much snow is predicted. There are probably already lines at the grocery store as people stock up on milk, bread, and toilet paper for a weekend trapped inside their homes! Yikes!

So I'm not real worried about the snow. I imagine I might get a phone call early Saturday morning telling me that it's a certain code, but I'm sure I will still go into work. Plus now that I'm essential personnel, I have to come in! There are no excuses!

But today I am planning to just relax. My roommate and I might go to DSW to look for new shoes -- I have a coupon that they sent me for my birthday. And I might go get my haircut this morning. I just dyed and highlighted it on Tuesday night, but I think it's a little too long. I don't's just bothering me. It's kind of annoying. Oh well. I'm sure Great Clips will do a fine job taking an inch(ish) off.

Oh, I caught the season premiere of the third season of The Apprentice last night. They've got a new concept -- Books Smarts/College Grads vs. Street Smarts/Non-college Grads. It actually works pretty well, and they've got a really wide range of people on the show. And they don't seem quite so full of themselves as the contestants were last season. So I have high hopes for The Apprentice. Seriously, it's the only reality show that I really enjoy. (Although I bet I could get sucked in The Amazing Race if I tried...but I'm not going to.) Donald Trump is just so cheese-tacular. It's amusing to watch him on TV.

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