Sunday, January 23, 2005

It snowed yesterday and I got to leave work at two instead of five. Although, disappointingly, I have to use my own time in order to leave -- and there was no being able to stay. Whatever. I have to work this afternoon so I will only get one hour of comp time this week instead of the usual four. Bummer.

I was, however, disappointed by the six inches of snow dumped on the region. It appears that the storm headed a little further north of Baltimore and stopped relatively early. I was hoping to not have to work today, but c'est la vie. I'll be there soon enough.

Last night I managed to watch two of the movies that I got at Borders on Friday. Yes, Borders was having their awesome buy three DVDs get one free deal. And since I had money to burn there after returning my sister's Christmas present that I had already bought for myself, I managed to only spend $30 of my own money for four DVDs. So what did I get? Two minor Hitchcock movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Trouble With Harry, both of which I really enjoy, and two movies I hadn't seen before, The Lavendar Hill Mob and Gaslight. I watched Gaslight and The Trouble With Harry last night. Both were quite excellent. I love John Forsythe in The Trouble With Harry. He was the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels and it's just kind of weird to see him play an artist. But I definitely loved Gaslight. It's a period piece and Charles Boyer marries Ingrid Bergman and they move to the house that her aunt was murdered in. Paula (Berman's character) begins to think that she's going crazy. It's a really awesome suspense movie and Angela Lansbury shows up as a very, very young maid. Seriously, I think Angela Lansbury always looks kind of ageless, but she totally looks young in this film. It's weird.

Well, enough about movies. I try to keep that to the other blog, but seriously, I've been busy lately and haven't managed to update it in like forever. I've even missed taping a ton of Van Johnson movies!!

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