Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I have been working on a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days for my New Year's resolution. My intention was to finish up the list and have it be the first post of 2005, but since I only have 53 items or so on the list, I think it can wait a little while. And if you have suggestions for what I should try to do in the next three years(-ish), please use the comments button. I know people read this -- so respond, dammit!

Anyway, I am in the middle of some kind of weird head cold. It's not quite a full-blown head cold yet, but I am super tired and my head feels weird. Dry, not conjested and clogged like it normally does. So it's a weird head cold. And last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm watching Kitty Foyle with my roommate. I woke up at 8:30 and was told that I should just go to bed. So I did. And I was still tired when I woke up this morning! Crazy!

Let's see...New Year's was quite delightful. I met up with several college friends and had fun with sponge animal capsules. The following shows the safari animals:

Image Hosted by

The capsules in the bowl of warm water.

Image Hosted by

The capsules are dissolving!

Image Hosted by

And there's me with the finished result.

It was quite fun, hanging out with College Buddy. We went down to campus that afternoon and got matching Blugold T-shirts -- they were half-off! And then we went to my favorite restaurant in Eau Claire, Northwoods, where I got an elk burger! It was delicious. And then we just watched movies with my sister and her roommate -- Anchorman and Super Troopers. It was a good time. Plus we drank way too much T.J.I. Friday's mixed drinks -- so I wasn't feeling so good when I woke up the next morning.

But despite the acidy stomach, I managed to go skiing with Jenny and her roommate. It was fun, although cold later in the afternoon. I learned the joys of turning frequently to control my speed and managed to only fall down once. Then we went to the Bloomer Main Street Cafe, which was awesome. Their pie was delicious -- I got the carmel pecan creamcheese pie and it was so good that I couldn't even finish the whole thing. (We did, however, get a combo basket first, which contained deep-fried mushrooms, cheesecurds, potato skins, and onion rings. Yum!)

I didn't do anything for New Year's except watch Napoleon Dynamite, which was pretty much as lame as I thought it was going to be, and Kill Bill 2, which was pretty good, although a little long.

So I got back to Maryland a-okay. This week has been going well, although my new salary is still a secret. I get to stop by HR after I'm off the desk and I will receive the letter. It's so bizarre, but I will get over it.

Yeah, so other than feeling kind of sick, this week is going well.

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