Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Arrr, me pirate mateys, gather round 'cuz it's time for an update.

Anywho, there's not too much going on right. I'm hungry for dinner and the chicken curry thing that I made on Monday (and didn't get to eat until Tuesday because I forgot about the Confirmation dinner) isn't very curry-y. I mean, it tastes vaguely curry-esque, but not real spicy. And seriously, I'm from the Midwest! I have a low tolerance of spice. I eat mayonnaise sandwiches on Wonderbread. (Well, that's not true, but it could be.) It smelled really good, but did not taste spicy and Indian enough for me. I guess I should have spent the extra eighty-some-odd cents and bought the McCormack fancy-schmancy brand of curry powder over the cheap and smaller red canistered spice that I did buy. Oh well, it still tastes okay.

Plus I get seafood on Friday night!! The department is going out for our holiday dinner to G&M, which is known for its excellent crab cakes. I'm trying to decide between the double crabcake platter (so I have a crabcake for Saturday!) or the delicious sounding broiled seafood platter. (They're both on the second page of the dinner menu.) Which sounds better to y'all?

I am also getting a haircut on Friday morning at Tenpachi's, a cheap-ish place to get a stylish cut. I have to figure out what I want done with it though -- I thought these three cuts might work, but does any one have a suggestion for a medium length cut that would look good on me? Use the comments button, that's what it's there for! (Oh, and the second one -- I definitely wouldn't go with the Veronica Lake-esque bangs that the model is sporting. I'm not that sexy.)

That's about it. It's the fifteenth and only nine more days till I'm out of Baltimore!!

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