Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I am seriously diggin' the Anchorman Soundtrack. As I mentioned earlier, it features intros to the songs by Will Ferrell in the character of Ron Burgundy. These intros haven't gotten annoying yet -- they're still pretty hilarious. "One thing you might not know about Ron Burgundy is that I am a model train enthusist."

My favorite one so far is "Grazing in the Grass" by The Friends of Distinction. It's such a bizarre song, but so chipper and upbeat that I can't help but dance in my car to it. It's a happy song. Can you dig it, baby!

So yeah...that's pretty much it today.

While driving in this morning I was totally annoyed by a conversation about wine. Now, I am not a wine drinker really, but I had tried a wine this weekend that had been given to me by the driver and enjoyed it. And it turns out that it is a sweet wine, and the other passenger was not a fan of sweet wines. So I explained that perhaps people who have only just started drinking wine, such as myself might enjoy sweet wine at first, and then move towards the more sophisticated dry wines (an argument that probably would have soothed over some feathers had I thought of it in the car), much like people usually start drinking coffee with lots of cream and sugar and eventually go towards a less sweet beverage. But, now, the passenger disagreed with me on that statement -- he did not like sweet things and was more a savory fan, therefore not everyone would like sweet wines to begin with. I don't think that he really followed my point about coffee and wine and beginners. At least I only ride with these people once a week...

And I can look forward to being out of Maryland in ten days!!! And let's hope that there is snow.

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