Thursday, December 16, 2004

My tongue hurts. Why? Oh, because I've been eating way too much hard candy lately. Someone in my department decided that buying three pounds of delicious Christmas hard candy was a good idea, and she's letting everyone eat it. I love the yellow peanuts that are butterscotch flavored (I think) with peanut butter on the inside. Plus there are these large white square ones that taste like candy and are filled with coconut on the inside. I like just letting them melt in my mouth and then biting into the delicous coconut goodness. Yum.

So, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow and y'all suck 'cuz you're not weighing in on an important decision -- what I should do with my hair. Oh, you know I don't mean it, but good grief! I've got the comments up there for a reason. I know people read this (I'm looking at you, Jenny [and which one I mean is up to that Jenny to interpret]) so get on the comments, stat! It's good for you to write, especially in such an informal setting. Plus I want to carry on a dialogue, not just a monologue about how great or crappy or whatever my life is. Well, maybe that's a little creative writing/English major-esque, but still...dude!

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