Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Update on new job situation:

HR lady has not called. I don't expect her to call today, but tomorrow I'm stopping by HR to get the details.

Also, Future Boss is off from work today. So not hearing anything from him is okay. I stopped by his department today and found this out -- it makes me feel a lot better about everything. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some details.

I am thinking that perhaps I can postpone telling people at work about the new job until I get back from vacation. That would make me very happy, although letting them know on Thursday would also be optimal. It's like the government or companies releasing bad news on a Friday so it is forgotten about over the weekend. I know this isn't bad news, but I'd rather not deal with the congrats and everything. I like being low-key and self-deprecating about myself. It's more fun than tooting my own horn. (Toot, toot!)

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