Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This morning while I was driving into work, I felt like my stomach was trying to eat itself. It's not a pleasant feeling. And I woke up insanely early today. Like five AM. Yeah, I'm usually not awake until quarter to seven. So I got up at quarter to six and starting cleaning my room. I also got to watch most of Swing Time on TCM. That was quite exciting. I had seen it before and wasn't that into it. But this time, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps Fred and Ginger musicals are best appreciated early in the morning.

So, yeah, this whole new job thing is stressing me out a little. I think it's mostly because I have no clue what is going on and no one is telling me anything. Stupid holidays. They are totally getting in the way!

But there's a holiday party/food thing going on in our department today. There's lots of food. I felt kind of bad because I only brought brownies, but I always bring something for our First Thursdays. And I gave everyone Christmas cookies. (Or holiday cookies if they were not affiliated with Christianity.) So, whatever!

Let's hope that I get some stuff figured out today. I need to get my beauty sleep!

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