Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My stomach hurts today, and I can't tell if it's nerves, hunger, or the effects of an enormous cup of so-so Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

So...I finally called HR today about the new job. I was told that the other HR person would have to call me about the salary sometime today. Let's hope she manages to do that, despite the fact that HR is having their holiday luncheon today. I also asked if there was anything I needed to do, and was told that I didn't need to do anything. Apparently the HR lady only told other people yesterday, including my soon-to-be new boss, that I had accepted the job. Let's hope she's right -- but I'm going to try to talk to future boss today. I just really want to have some details before I go on vacation!

Last night I wrapped most of the presents for my family. I have a lot of presents! They won't all fit into my carry-on bag, so one of them is going to have to go in the checked-luggage. I'm just going to have to hope that it doesn't get misplaced! I also finished the scarf for my mother -- I made a pom-pom maker with some cardboard. It makes much nicer pom-poms than wrapping yarn around your fingers -- they're fluffier! But it takes longer, which is a downside. Oh well, the scarf looks awesome.

I also mailed some Christmas presents to my cousins in Alaska. The youngest one is getting Trixie Belden books (#2, 4, and 8!) and a Baltimore T-shirt. The older one, who is 14 (!), is just getting a Baltimore T-shirt. I think this year might be the last year I send them anything -- but maybe not, if I find some really awesome books in the booksale as I tend to. I am giving just about everyone a book for Christmas. Books are cool gifts.

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