Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Last new job update for today:

I finally got to talk to Future boss today. He said he was excited about having me work for him even if he didn't look excited. I also said I was excited, but a little nervous. I didn't use the word terrified, but I think I might have said it was exciting and scary at the same time. (Apparently I was also not showing a lot of enthusism as well, but I's just inside.) They've already hired a replacement for me in my old department, which makes me sad. I get to meet with Future boss tomorrow sometime and I should be starting new department orientation after the holidays.

So, after talking to Future Boss, I announced to the department (at our holiday office party) that I will be leaving eventually. Everyone seemed excited for me, except perhaps one person. (But he doesn't show much enthusism for anything.) My boss also told me that I would be welcome to hide out in the old department whenever I needed to. Yay.

HR lady is not in today -- but tomorrow she should be here. I'm not holding my breath for a phone call, so I'm going over there for the scoop on the money situation.

So yeah...I just spent a busy hour on desk. Lots of questions. I am going to miss working in this department sometimes...I like helping people, and the subject matter is usually pretty interesting -- Maryland history. (Even if the genealogy can get a bit tedious.) Now I'm going to have to foresake my liberal arts background for technology! Yikes!

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