Friday, December 17, 2004

Fantastic news today. Well, kind of scary but incredibly exciting at the same time.

Remember that job that I didn't get at the library? The one that I had been told that someone from outside the library was going to take? I don't think things worked out for her and yours truly was just offered not two hours ago the very same job. Yes, I have gotten a promotion over the phone. It's a crazy world! The HR person actually left a message on my machine saying that she had good news for me, and I pretty much knew what it was going to be before I called her back. It's both a great thing for me, and pretty terrifying at the same time. I have never done this before and the job is not exactly in my favorite subject area (business, science and technology, plus a job center), but they wouldn't have offered it to me had they not known (or at least thought) I could do it.

Yeah, I'm still pretty stunned about it. Especially after getting news that I wasn't getting it and talking to the department manager about it!

I also have the departmental holiday dinner tonight so I had to call my boss and say, let's keep this on the downlow for a little bit longer. I'm hoping that it hasn't made the library grapevine yet -- the only person who might know other than the various big bosses would be my roommate and she doesn't know for sure.


However, I'm thinking this will probably be bad news for my blog. I've been primarily writing while at work, and I'm thinking with the new job, I'm going to be busier. Plus I won't have my own computer. (Ah, the advantages of being in a nice new building!) This means that I probably will stuck blogging from home and y'all know how much time I like to spend on the computer at home...not a lot. Dial-up sucks!!

So, yeah! It's a crazy early Christmas present for me.

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