Monday, December 20, 2004

It snowed last night in Baltimore and it was quite delightful. I woke up this morning and there was a light dusting of snow sitting on the lawn. Not quite enough to cover up the green of the grass, but enough that it felt more like winter and less like an extended fall.

I made and frosted cut-out cookies last night. This weekend I was totally Susie Homemaker, making four kinds of cookies, brownies, finishing my sewing Christmas present, and starting to knit a new scarf. I gave cookies to people in my department, but I still have a ton of cookies left. So I'm going to give some out tomorrow, but I think I may end up with not too many cookies for myself. I don't really need -- or want -- a lot of cookies, but I'd like to keep a few to eat. Oh well, they can be happy with only a few Christmas cookies. I never said how many I would give them, only that I had extra cookies.

It's also freakin' cold in our department. Once the sun goes down, the cold air just seeps in through the enormous windows.

I was also surprised that no one has talked to me about the new position. I still don't know how much more I will be making. HR hasn't called to say, stop by and we'll talk to you. I don't know when I'll be starting or anything. The worst part is that I'm not sure if I should make the first move and talk to the new department manager about things or just wait until they approach me. But tomorrow I am definitely heading over to HR to find out the financial end of things.

What else is new? The Christmas party with church friends was lots of fun. We played Trivial Pursuit and my team won again. I am totally the Trivial Pursuit queen now -- I will conquer when it comes to the PINK category!! On the down-side of things, Cute Church guy showed up at the party with a mysterious lady friend whom he didn't really introduce to anyone. I was on the other end of the long table, so I did not get to talk to the mysterious lady friend and find out what was up with her. They left pretty early (comparitively speaking) due to a trip to Alexandria (or something like that in Virginia). I don't know, but he did fetch her a glass of eggnog. Read into that what you will.

On the other hand, Talky Church guy offered to pick and/or drop me off at the airport. He is also going home to the Midwest on Christmas eve, although much earlier than I would want to get to the airport. He's picking up a friend on Jan. 2, and offered to pick me up too, but my flight comes in much later. Too bad, Talky Church guy, but you get an A for effort. Not Cute Church guy left me alone, which made me very happy. CaliforniaGirl thinks that he has a crush on me, which I hope is not true.

So, other than that, I didn't do much over the weekend. And I'll be going home on FRIDAY, baby! Friday!! It's not that far away...

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