Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Holidays almost!

It's December 23, and I am looking forward to ten days -- starting tomorrow -- of not working. I am planning to just be in Wisconsin and not worry about doing anything. Well, other than meeting up with some college friends and skiing in the Eau Claire area with my sister. But I am determined not to worry about this promotion.

This new promotion is stressing me out already. I again woke up earlier than normal -- this time at six instead of five am -- and just felt yucky this morning. However, I am talking with future boss this afternoon. I will get details out of him, or at least something to make myself less stress filled and worried. I forgot that I need to talk to HR lady today -- so after meeting with him I am going to get more details from her.

Anyway, I had a delightful lunch with a couple co-workers today. I eschewed the food in my department for leftovers from another department. We just sat around and shot the breeze. It was pretty enjoyable. Plus I got some awesome chocolate pizza stuff. It's just crackers (usually saltines, but she used club crackers) with carmalized butter and brown sugar poured over it. Bake for five minutes and put chocolate chips on top. Yummy!

Since I am going to be on vacation for the next ten days, I think the blog will be on hiatus -- unless there are some breaking developments in my life -- whilst I'm in Wisconsin. So I will talk to you next year!

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