Thursday, December 02, 2004

I'm excited -- my Wisconsin Librarian friend who got me to move out to Maryland and then deserted me in Baltimore for a sexy job back in Wisconsin is back for a visit! WL has a sister who recently moved to D.C. and she decided to check out the Baltimore/D.C. area this week. We're going to the Towson diner tonight. I haven't been there in forever, and it should be fun. Bottomless cups of coffee! Plus tomorrow my roommate and I are throwing a birthday party, complete with presents and perhaps some streamers.

However, one thing that I kind of wish I hadn't said today. WL, my roommate, another ex-Wisconsinite librarian and I were having lunch today. WL asked about the assistant manager position that I had applied for (the ex-Wisconsinite librarian works in that department) and if it had been filled. Ex-WL didn't know, so I said that I knew it had been. I had to explain why I knew and why Ex-WL didn't by saying that I had applied for the job -- and didn't get it. Anyway, my roommate seemed surprised that I hadn't told her that I had applied for the job and I had to explain briefly that I don't like talking about that kind of thing. Just to a semi-annonymous web log, baby! Yeah...I wish I hadn't said anything... Oh well, what's done is done.

WL also mentioned that there was a position opening soon at her library back home and that I needed to apply for it in front of my roommate. Now, I totally plan on applying for the job -- although whether or not I actually will get it and/or accept it is a different story -- but I didn't really feel like I needed to mention it to my roommate. Yargh!

So...that's all the news that's fit to print around here.

I also just won an auction on Ebay for 31 Trixie Belden books. I'm excited, although I probably ended up paying more for them than I really can afford. Plus now I'm going to have duplicates of a lot of books. Guess I'll have to put up my own Ebay auction with the dupes that I have! Ebay also seduced me into bidding on a Van Johnson iron-on transfer. It rocks, and I am totally looking forward to having a V-Jo T-shirt! I am such a nerd. But I'm okay with it.

Also, the Bible study went okay. I think it probably could have gone better, but I'm working on the whole timing thing. Plus people were going in-depth about themselves and their experiences and I just kind of wanted to move on -- but the next question would be all fluffy and stuff. I need better transitions. Or I just need to remember to say thanks for sharing. We also went until about 8:30 which didn't make me very happy. Part of the problem was that people didn't really show up until 7:15ish. Next time I am totally starting it up at 7:05 pm at the latest. And no stupid icebreakers!

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