Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yesterday was a nice day off. Wisconsin Librarian Friend was here! My roommate, WLF, and I ate out quite a bit in the past few days -- we hit the Towson Diner for dinner, Panera for breakfast and lunch, and pizza and sundaes for dinner. Her birthday party was quite a success, and even her sister and boyfriend managed to make it from D.C. to Baltimore with a big dog before everyone went home. We did finally play a board game -- Cranium -- which was pretty fun.

The only downside to having company is that we stayed up really late last night (well, late for having to work this morning) talking about work and crap. So I'm tired this morning... Anyway, talking with WLF only confirms my feelings that I do eventually want to move back home-ish. (Although I think I would prefer the Twin Cities to most Wisconsin cities -- except maybe Madison. Madison is cool and liberal.) Who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe I can just drop out and become a hippie or something like that. Or go back to grad school and become more overeducated. Must have more education!!!!!

However, WLF brought the Anchorman soundtrack which is wicked cool. Will Ferrell does introductions -- in the character of clueless news anchorman Ron Burgandy -- to all the cheesy '70s music. It's great. Plus I got the Elf soundtrack and Starsky & Hutch soundtrack. I like Christmas music, and Elf is a really entertaining movie. Starsky & least I didn't buy it! To my credit, I haven't even seen the movie.

This weekend is also the big booksale at the library. I've got a big ole pile o' books at my desk that I am waiting until Sunday to buy. Why Sunday? Oh, because I can get a big box of books for one dollar! I was also really excited to find a brand new spankin' copy of The Cloud Atlas in the fiction section. Plus I also got a copy of Halliwell's Film Guide 2004. My roommate and I are big movie freaks (yes, the first thing we usually check is what's on TCM...I can't believe that I found another person who enjoys old movies [and puts up with my irration love of Van Johnson] like her.) so now we'll have three different movie guides to check -- Leonard Maltin, Videohound, and now Halliwells. Rockin'!

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