Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I am sooo tired this morning. Normally, I get up and get going when my alarm goes off. But today I turned it off and went back to sleep for another twenty minutes, which threw off my whole morning. Plus I was late driving over to D.'s apartment ('cuz my roommate has an appointment tonight and I need a ride home after work) and I felt a little guilty. Just a little, because we were still on time. But he kept checking his watch. Annoying.

Anyway, I see that Ken Jenning has finally lost his Jeopardy! streak. Yay for the chick who beat him. I haven't really been watching it, but back in September, I did enjoy watching him cream all the other contestants. I gotta say, I found him a little annoying though.

I read an interesting article in the Washington Post this morning. (It's not a paper I regularly read, but if I'm bored enough...) "Next Question" was all about the White House correspondants and how they try to question Bush. I did know that Bush held fewer press conferences than any president in a long time, but just sixteen in a four year period! That's just quarterly! I think Bush should be held more accountable to the public. He's a public servant after all.

I also enjoyed the fact that I was familiar with one of the reporters mentioned in the article -- Terry Moran from ABC News. I really enjoy watching the evening news with Peter Jennings. I don't get to watch it too much any more, what with working until 7 pm two nights a week and Confirmation and Bible studies the other two nights. But I still get my Petey every once and a while.

Which can segue quite nicely into the other news related news that I wanted to talk about: Tom Brokaw is leaving NBC news tonight. I probably won't get to watch it because I have to get ready for church-y stuff, but I'm not really disappointed. I'm not a big fan of Mr. Brokaw -- obviously I prefer Peter Jennings -- but somehow it would be kind of interesting to see him go off the air. I remember watching Tom Brokaw as a kid, probably not that long after he took over the anchor chair in 1982. I also wrote a story while in elementary school, probably third grade, called "The Statue of Liberty Kidnapping" which had Tom Brokaw and Vannah White (yes, I watched Wheel of Fortune back then too) married and the parents of five or six kids. I think I even still have my hand-written copy somewhere -- and it was like eleven pages long!

Yup, that's the excitement here in Baltimore.

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