Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Not too much going on today. Work as usual.

I was also disappointed to miss taping The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I watched the film in high school after reading the short story and I remembered enjoying it very much. Danny Kaye is kind of amusing, and after seeing part of Hans Christian Anderson while on vacation, it would have been fun to see one of his funnier movies. Pocketa-pocketa-pocketa.

What's new in Baltimore?

I'm leading an Advent Bible Study at my church starting tomorrow night. I made the copies today, and I think it should go pretty smoothly. Provided, of course, that I go through it and write out my answers tonight. And the associate pastor at my church is leaving! She's still going to be in Baltimore, but at a more urban church (which is what she wanted to do all along, I belive). PL is the reason why I joined my church -- they called themselves the "Welcoming Church" and PL totally was welcoming. I don't know if I would have come back had it not been for her friendly face on Sundays.

Oh! I put up my Christmas tree and lights last night. I have lots of ornaments now -- mostly from home, but they were all given to me. It looks quite nice and very festive. I just have to get a hook for my wreath on the door. Plus I need to get a tree skirt, but that's not too essential. I just hope that the kitty doesn't decide that she needs to climb it. She's been pretty good so far, only trying to bat the bottom branches. It's a fake tree, so I think that helps. It was so funny when I was putting it together last night -- littl e kitty was just staring at me like she wanted to come over and investigate but she wasn't sure if she could. I was highly entertained.

Twenty-four more days until I'm back in Wisconsin!

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