Monday, November 29, 2004

While I was on vacation, Midwest + East Coast = ? turned one year. Yes, I have been blogging (as of November 21, 2004) for one year. So much has happened in one year... And so much will be happening in the future! There will be some changes happening over the next few days. Be prepared.

Anyway, how was my Thanksgiving vacation?

It was quite delightful. I didn't do much early in the week, just some shopping with my Mom. And I knitted myself a scarf with pom-poms. I like pom-poms. They are very cute! And the scarf matches my new green jacket. (The jacket that I wanted from Target but couldn't get -- yes, it was on sale at the Target that I usually go to. Bizarre!)

I missed the Thanksgiving parade in Appleton because I was too lazy to drive up. Even the lure of dinner at Noodles and Co. was not enough. Plus my sister came home that night, so I wanted to be there to say hi.

Thanksgiving was good. The food was yummy -- especially the sweet potato dish and the cranberry-cherry sauce my mom made. We watched Elf later in the afternoon -- it's such a cute movie. I think I'd like it for Christmas maybe. "You sit on a throne of lies!"

Then on Friday I headed over the Madison/Sun Prarie for the wedding. Most of my college friends were there, so it was a really, really good time. The wedding was beautiful. I loved the bride's dress. Pretty! And my hair turned out awesome. I had lots of pin curls. (Plus it stayed put until Sunday night. Rock!) And it used 51 bobbypins and hairpins and a whole lot of hairspray. (I might also mention that it was really, really easy to get out and I probably could have done it Sunday morning or Saturday night.) Flying home was fun too -- with my hair still up and carrying my bridesmaid bouquet, I got asked a few times if I was the bride. Yup, flying to Baltimore all by myself. Where's the groom? I guess most bridesmaids don't get white roses in their bouquet.

The reception was a good time too. The food was great and I danced the night away with the other bridesmaids. The groom's friends didn't really dance, so it was pretty much the bride's friends. And one of her friends flew all the way from Singapore to be there. (He was then spending two weeks in New York, so it wasn't super out of the way...) He was lots of fun and I even got to slow dance with him. Sure, it was to Billy Joel's "Piano Man," but I've never really danced with a guy who knew what he was doing before. The only problem was that I kept laughing and he kept telling me to stop giggling. Hee!

Yeah, so that was my vacation. And just think, in less than a month I'll be back in Wisconsin for Christmas. Only twenty-five days!

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