Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's darn quiet in the library tonight. Apparently no one is having an information emergency, or a crisis involving Maryland trivia. It's kind of nice, but not in another way.

Anyway, this morning I watched the beginning of an awesome movie -- Presenting Lily Mars -- which I watched the end of last night. (I was on the phone with my sister for the first hour of the movie.) Judy Garland and Van Heflin (who looks youngish and very cute) are the stars, and it's definitely not a great story, but it's got an adorable romance. I'm such a romantic! More in the other blog.

I finished reading The Plot Against America. It was good, but the ending seemed a little abrupt and pat. I felt like Phillip Roth really captured the voice of his eight-year old self, which I thought was pretty impressive. I know I couldn't write with the voice of myself at eight-years old now, but he managed to do it quite convincingly. Overall, I would recommend reading The Plot Against America because it tells a good story and really envisions and brings to life a "what-if" question.

Next up on my nightstand table is finishing Snobbery: The American Version. I started reading it a while back, but put it down to concentrate on Roth's book (and my pursuit of Trixie Belden books). I think it'll be interesting, and if it's not, I can always return it and start reading The Close: A Young Woman's First Year at Seminary. Yeah, I like to try to read non-fiction every once and a while. In fact, the discussion on Slate of American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation's Drive to End Welfare has actually got me thinking that it might be fun to read. Maybe. Possibly because the stories of the women are from Milwaukee, which I think would be somewhat insightful because I lived there for a while. Who knows? I'll probably just read Trixie Belden and some fluffy chick lit books while on vacation! Who wants to think when you can read light stuff.

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