Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am almost done with the afghan wedding present. I have to finish up two rows of the nasty pattern stitch and then complete a panel of the tolerable pattern stitch. I'll complete the border and be done, hopefully before the wedding!

Sadly, I have given up on writing a novel in November. (If you hadn't guessed that already by the total lack of updates.) Perhaps next November will be the year for me.

We just had a fire alarm at work -- only the alarm didn't go off in the Annex. So one of the guards ran up here and got everyone to exit. It was kind of funny, and I got to spend around fifteen minutes outside instead of working. Yay. Everyone wins.

My roommate is out sick today. I don't think she's really sick, more like just tired and not feeling that great. My boss is also out this whole week and one of the office assistants called in today with a temperature. I hope I don't get it, or at least not until after the wedding. I don't need to be referred to as the sickly bridesmaid. Although that would totally be a cool nickname in a Jane Austen book.

Oh, I forgot! My sister is coming to visit me again! She'll be here in January to help me celebrate the quarter-century that I have been on the planet. I think we shall make plans while I am home in Wisconsin next week. I am very excited -- she'll get to see my new apartment, meet the cute kitty and my roommate, and maybe we'll go back to NYC. Let's hope this time it isn't as cold. Or else maybe we can go to PA. There's lots of fun stuff in Pennsylvania. And I have vacation time that I can use. Woohoo. And my birthday is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I am all about the four day weekend. Let's hope no one else in the department wants the Friday off before.

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