Monday, November 15, 2004

I didn't get the job that I applied for earlier this month.

It's no big surprise, mostly because I don't have a lot of experience and most of all because I felt like I was unprepared for the interview due to my reliance on the online job description instead of the printed one. I made the eligibility list yet again, so if for some reason the new assistant manager were to quit, I wouldn't have to go through the interview process. A small consolation.

Anyway, it just makes me sad and a little angry. And slightly confused. I mean, I know it takes time before I'll be able to move up in the world and part of being here is paying my dues and getting the experience I need to get another job somewhere else. And right now I am enjoying my life in Baltimore -- I like my roommate, I'm making friends at church, and I feel pretty comfortable in Baltimore. Except for the job. It's just too boring.

I don't know what to do, other than to keep working. I think about going back to grad school, mostly because I know that now would be a better time than waiting until I'm older. Or taking a volunteer job overseas through the Peace Corps or Global Mission Volunteers through the ELCA.

Anyway, enough moping about work.

This past weekend I was quite busy. I went to a gallery opening to see A. and her band (Acoustic Soundscape -- even she says it's a cheesy name!) with my roommate and a couple friends from church. It was pretty interesting, and I'm glad that we went, even though the weather was crappy. We went to Mick O'Sheas for dinner afterward -- and listened to a little Irish music. Fun!

And on Saturday, S. and I had our open apartment warming event. We made out with lots of wine -- yippee! (Not so much.) A few of my friends from church managed to come, including Cute Church guy (the one that I kind of have a crush on). Most of them were at the lockout -- the youth of my church stayed out all night to raise awareness for homelessness. (I didn't help 'cuz I had a party to throw.) Lots of people from work came, and we basically ate and gabbed all night. In our post-mortem, S., A., and I all agreed that it had been a successful party. I would have liked to play a board game, but I think we had too many people to do that successfully. Bummer. Oodles is lots of fun. (Oodles of fun, to be precise.)

And yesterday I went shopping for a strapless bra -- and actually found one!! It was very exciting. I also spent way too much money at Kmart and bought stuff to send to ATTN: Any Female Soldier. I have to go to the post office tomorrow to send it out.

So that was my weekend.

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