Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I voted today! And worked out and went to the grocery store and got gas all before nine o'clock. I rock.

Anyway, please remember to vote. I have the day off because Baltimore City is awesome (sometimes). But if you don't, make sure you go to the polls. And bring a book. It looks like you might have a wait. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a neat Wisconsin voting blog.

Voting in Maryland was kind of cool though. They've got the electronic voting machines -- honestly, I don't think they provide a backup paper ballot but I'm not going to worry about that -- and they are really easy to use. I got to vote at the Rodgers Forge Elementary School -- the same place I voted for the primary, despite the fact that I had moved. (My new address would have me voting at the Towson branch of the Baltimore County Library.) But I will be getting a new voter registration card in the mail soon.

I was also amused to see two Bush-Cheney supporters trying to hand out literature in front of the school. I didn't take any, although now that I think of it, I probably should have for work. (We have a collection of campaign literature dating back to the 1800s, I think.)

So, I've got the rest of today to go shopping for curtains at IKEA and shoes at Payless for the wedding. Plus my roommate and I are going to be doing invitations for our House Warming Open House. It's coming up soon! Plus I need to write some extra stuff for my novel. Gotta get ahead while I can...but I'm feeling unmotivated today. Oh well, I'll push through!

Remember to VOTE!

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