Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ah, the day after election...and it looks like my guy lost.

Sigh. At least we will only have four more years of Bush. I hope that he can't screw things up too much in those four years. And then this morning I remembered that it looks like several of the Supreme Court justices are going to retiring soon.

I am happy, however, to say that Maryland went for Kerry. Yay! And it looks like Wisconsin went for Kerry as well, which makes me quite happy. (Minnesota did too -- I haven't ever lived there, but I would like to!)

I hope that the Democrats learn something from this election -- don't just nominate the guy who looks presidential! I read an article on Slate this morning that has a good strategy for 2008 -- "Simple but Effective." I agree with William Saletan -- John Edwards looks like he would be the guy to win in 2008. I think Hillary Clinton is just too divisive of a person to be an effective nominee. She could maybe be the VP, but as presidential nominee, I don't think so.

It's kind of sad to be thinking ahead to 2008. I mean, that's four years down the road. I'll be twenty-eight. And I'll have lived for twelve years under the presidency of a Bush. Sad.

Okay, enough politic-ing for one morning. I've got a novel to write!

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