Monday, November 01, 2004


My fingers are turning a lovely shade of light reddish purple above the top joint. It is so cold in the Maryland Department. And my toes are cold too. I wish they could fix it so that it was a normal temperature!

Well, how was your weekend? Mine was swell. I wound up going out with CaliforniaGirl on Friday night to the Green Turtle down in Fell's Point. It was quite fun and I got to know her a little better. But then Saturday night -- wow. I caught a ride from her, mostly because I didn't want to figure out how to get to the party and also because I didn't want to come by myself. Well, CaliforniaGirl decided that she wanted to keep up with Cute Church guy and drank probably at least a fourth of a bottle of vodka herself. With Red Bull. So I got a ride home with Not-so-cute church guy, which was interesting. He talks! And PL and Cute Church guy ended up taking CaliforniaGirl home 'cuz there was no way she was driving herself.

But the party was fun -- I got to know some of the other people a little better and it felt more like fun and less like church-y people. Plus I've known some of them for around a year now, so you'd think I'd be more comfortable.

We played Cranium Hoopla, which is definitely not as cool as Cranium. It doesn't have teams so it's more a cooperative game where everybody wins in the end. (Or everyone loses if you can't finish your cards before the timer goes off.) I need the competive spirit to get me into a game. Must WIN!!!

So yeah, it was another churchy weekend. But I managed to clean my room and parts of the apartment. (Yay!) I harassed lil' Kitty quite a bit while her owner was out of town, but now she seems slightly more comfortable around me. Perhaps it is because she knows that in a pinch, I could feed her. (Heh.) Yeah, that's about it. My weekend in a nutshell!

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