Saturday, October 16, 2004

This is going to be a loooong week.

Wednesday was my day off last week, and I won't be "off" again until Saturday. A week from today! I have to work tomorrow and all next week. And, worst of all, I'm leaving work an hour early on Friday so that I can go on a weekend retreat for confirmation. So, to recap: I have worked since Thursday and won't really get a day off until Halloween weekend!

Anyway, the workshop was interesting. I learned some stuff -- mostly about motivation -- that I thought would be useful. However, I felt it was titled incorrectly and was not really about leading from any position. So, it was kind of good. At least I'll have some stuff to talk about in my interview on Wednesday!

Speaking of my interview, it appears that I am going to be interviewed by my boss. I'm not real sure how I feel about that...I mean, I do want to move up in the library and everything -- I just wish my boss wasn't interviewing me! Oh well, I'm sure he understands. It just makes me feel kind of awkward about things.

Tonight my roommate and I are taking A. out to dinner for her birthday and then we're going to Bottomless Pit's new apartment for some wine and cheese. It should be interesting, especially since BP isn't really known for his generosity. He's always getting free food from the different departments.

I heard this morning some gossip about Librarian Boyfriend and another librarian. The whole situation between him and S. is just weird, and I wish that I didn't know anything more about it. I guess next time someone brings up some gossip about LB I should just say, "I really don't want to know -- I hear enough from my roommate as is. I do not want to get in the middle of their situation. I am Switzerland!!" But it's hard to just hear it from S. because I know there is another side to the whole story...but the moral of this thinking outloud is that I need to not get in the middle -- stop getting myself involved with their drama. You'd think that I would have learned something from the whole Sarah-Darrin situation back in England! Just keep repeating, I am Switzerland. I will not judge.

Alrighty. I'm sure no one cares about the whole LB-roommate situation but it was quite nice to "think outloud" a bit. Have a super weekend.

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