Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm so hungry right now...

And it's almost time to go -- only fifteen minutes left of work! So I'm wasting time.

Anyway, I had fun today playing with eLections that I found via Slate's "Sim Shrum" article. It's a campaign game that you play like a board game and is pretty entertaining. Plus you can play it in under 20 minutes. I was the Democrat and managed to kick the Republican's butt.

Oh, and here's a semi-final Wimsey report: I finished reading Busman's Holiday yesterday. It was quite good. An excellent denouement to the entire series -- mostly because it was wonderfully romantic. (I am such a romantic at heart.) However, I was quite fortunate to start reading it from the lovely 1950s reprints that I got at the library -- there is quite a bit of French and Latin in the book that I would have just skipped over had someone in the past not very kindly written translations in the margin.

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