Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I want this jacket from Target. It's so pretty and I love it in green. Sadly, they don't have my size at the really close Target, so I can't buy it right now. Not that I really need (or have the money for) a new fall jacket, but here in Maryland it is so much warmer longer that it would be a good investment. Plus it's cute!

Anyway, I am all set for my interview next Wednesday. Well, perhaps not with the content aspect of the interview, but I've got a very professional and slightly trendy outfit to wear. I bought a really awesome tweed blazer at Target on Sunday. It's blue and ebony and white. Apparently Target is no longer selling it online, but let me tell you, I'm going to look cool on Tuesday. I just need to start preparing myself to sound intelligent about all things business, science, and technology related. (Good luck!)

Anyway, yesterday the library was closed but we worked any way. I moved a lot of books, much like I did last year. And today I'm down in Af-Am again, so I haven't been terribly-terribly busy. And tomorrow is my day off and Thurday and Friday I'm off in North East, Maryland. It's really not a bad week at work at all! Well, except for the fact that I have to work Saturday through next Friday...

I played Trivia again with the church young adults on Friday night. I had a really, really good time, and I think most of it was because I ended up mostly talking with Cute Church guy and CaliforniaGirl. Our team came in last -- let's just say that no one really seemed to be really all that into the trivia aspect of the game. So it was loads of fun and it made me think twice about my goal of making it back to the midwest eventually. I mean, I really like these people, plus my friends from work. Why would I want to go back to Wisconsin or where ever and start all over again? But then I went to five o'clock church (complete with power-point and "contemporary" music) for spiritual and social development. And I felt like a total outsider...or at least not a part of the young adult clique. Argh. I think that this is proof that I should just keep going to church for good reasons, and not for social ones. I just do not like contemporary worship. Especially ones with power point! It works at camp -- but that's camp! Plus at camp, people know the words to the songs and there isn't a whole praise band up front singing and you can get into the music without feeling so self-conscious.

Well, I guess I am more traditional when it comes to church than I thought I was!

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