Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oh crikey!

The facilities ladies are yelling at one another in the bathroom, but you can totally hear it in the Af-Am department. I can't believe that they are fighting in the bathrooms -- and they work here! Or maybe it's something about an emergency. And they're calling for security. Someone wanted to use the bathrooms while they were cleaning them! Yikes. And now he's yelling about not pissing his pants. Looks like security made it here and things are being cleared up.

Dang, this is such a freakin' weird place to work.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm down in Af-Am today. I get to work down here every other Tuesday for the whole day. And today I'm the only librarian down here! Oh well, at least it isn't too complicated. I haven't been asked a real reference question yet -- just a bunch of "My computer isn't working", "How do I sign up for the computers?" and "Where's the Maryland Department?". Yeah, it's pretty easy. It's my chance to catch up on current events and everything because I usually don't have a lot of reference questions or anything to work on. Although today I'm trying to solidify my ideas about putting together a display on Baltimore album quilts and quilts in general about family history. It would be a really pretty display to do -- I just have to figure out what the display should focus on.

I also started (yet) another blog. I decided that it will just be a temporary one to think out ideas for my novel(la). So far, so good. I think it's going to be a psuedo-chick-lit novel. And more than likely semi-autobiographically based. I'm going to work on thinking up character names this afternoon as well as thinking out a plot arc to follow. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated. They could even be "leave me out of it!" Ha!

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